Apron & Nail Bags

# LE-81 N
Suitable for Welders

  • Made from Heavy Duty leather
  • A small pocket to hold your valuables
  • Leather straps

# LE-82 N
Ideal for Home Projects

  • Made from heavy duty leather
  • 4 big pockets to hold variety of tools
  • 3 small pockets
  • Leather waist strap

# LE-83 N
Designed for Professionals

  • Heavy duty leather nail bag
  • 4 big pockets
  • 1 leather hammer loops
  • Web belt with buckle

# LE-84 N
Traditional Nail & Tool Bag

  • Heavy duty leather
  • main pockets
  • A web hammer strap
  • Web belt with quick release buckle

# LE-85 N
Best for Tradesman

  • 2 large main pockets
  • Web belt with quick release buckle
  • Riveted for added strength

# LE-86 N
Extra Capacity Nail Bag

  • Extra capacity 2 large pockets
  • A metal hammer hanger
  • Web belt with quick release buckle

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